How To Unblock Down-Pipes

how to unblock downpipes

Gutter Guard & Blocked Downpipe

How To Unblock Down Pipes

A blocked up downpipe can cause major water damage from overflowing gutters. If you have a blocked downpipe that is causing the gutters to overflow then get the downpipes unblocked as soon as possible. Keeping the gutters clean and installing larger downpipes will help to prevent downpipes from getting regularly blocked. This “how to unblock downpipe guide” demonstrates how to easily unblock downpipes that are blocked up.

When it comes to keeping your roofing and guttering in the best possible condition for the winter rains, then make sure you start by cleaning out the gutters and unblocking any of the down pipes that have gotten covered with debris over the last few months. Want a simple and cost effective way on how to clear your blocked downpipe in no time? Clearing a blocked downpipe is reasonably easy to do.

Take a look at our downpipe unblocking videos that demonstrate how to easily unblock downpipes using a garden hose. Gutter Guys Adelaide have supplied several videos showing how to unblock a variety of different kinds of downpipes. The most common downpipe size used on modern residential properties is the 75mm PVC round downpipe. These are painted to match the color of the guttering system on the home and are rust proof. Downpipes are manufactured from either aluminum or a rust proof PVC plastic.

Then follow our simple guide on how to unblock down pipes effectively with something as simple as the garden hose. Simply take of the spray nozzle on the garden hose so that one end can fit inside the top of the blocked downpipes. If the blockage is quite bad, then lightly start to bang the blocked downpipe with a rubber mallet or a fist. This will help to dislodge the debris inside the downpipe, help to get the water to push through and weaken the blockage in the downpipe.

Locate some of our downpipe unblocking video’s that will be helpful when attempting unblock the downpipes yourself. When watching the video’s demonstration on clearing out blocked downpipes, notice our gutter cleaner pushes the garden hose in and out of the top of the blocked gutter downpipe several times before the blockage gets cleared out of the downpipe.

The never ending tree debris that gum trees cause is actually on a constant basis all year round, with your roofs and gutters not getting any relief. When they are not dropping leaves and gum nuts, they will be droppings branches and sticks. Causing guttering and roof valleys to get blocked up and cause some serious overflowing of the guttering system. Blocked down-pipes are quite common in Adelaide, South Australia, especially in Norwood, Burnside and Tea Tree Gully areas due to the large amounts of trees in these council areas.

Unsure why the downpipes are always getting blocked up? Down pipes are often blocked up by a range of different causes. The most common that Gutter Guys Adelaide come across are tennis ball, tree foliage, vermin and dead birds. When it rains in Adelaide, we literally get hundreds of calls to come and unblock downpipes all over the SA suburbs as well as the Adelaide Hills areas. According to the Bureau of meteorology, Metropolitan Adelaide gets the most rain in June and July with the following months steadily raining. Gutter Guys Adelaide offer a downpipe unblocking service on residential and commercial premises in Adelaide, South Australia.

Clearing gutters and how to clean a downpipe

Insert Hose Into Downpipe

Usually the heavy rains in Adelaide South Australia stops around November and December as the summer season starts to come full circle. At Gutter Guys Adelaide, we make sure all our regular residential gutter cleaning customers are notified prior to winter and are allocated a few weeks before winter to complete our residential gutter cleaning customers that are schedule each year for regular gutter and roofing maintenance.

Blocked Downpipe Clearing Methods

So if your downpipe is blocked and causing water to over flow, then contact Gutter Guys Adelaide for a fast and reliable downpipe cleaning service in Adelaide, SA. Getting the gutters cleaned and your downpipes unblocked takes us no time at all. Why not give us a call and find out how easy it is to get expert gutter cleaners to your residential premises in no time. Getting a professional guttering company that can provide a wide range of other guttering services is a great way to save money when it comes to roofing and guttering maintenance.

When it comes to Adelaide’s summers you never know what to expect. There is often at least 3-4 separate weeks during summer where the rain just starts pouring on South Australia’s sun dried and cracking land. This is when we get hundreds of calls for blocked downpipes and gutters. Often people forget about the heavy rains that South Australia gets during the hot summer seasons. I have seen countless water damaged ceilings because of the guttering and several blocked downpipes.

Its not just the random heavy summer rains that require gutters and roofing to be maintained regularly. If you live in the Adelaide Hills regions and the Barossa Valley, then bush fires are also a very important reason to keep the roofing and guttering free from dry leaves and sticks. Often people just prepare for the fire danger season by maintaining the gardens and surrounding property. This is great and effective bush fire readiness, however the roofing and guttering are all too often filled with dry gum leaves and sticks. Take a look at this great video clearly demonstrating how to clear a blocked downpipe within minutes, easily and effectively.

So when it comes to roofing and gutter maintenance, there is more to take care of then just water damage and a blocked downpipe. A fire hazard on  a residential roofing is clearly by far the most dangerous and prompting reason to learn how to unblock downpipes while you doing your regular home maintenance. At Gutter Guys Adelaide, we can replace and install new downpipes if they have rusted out or are leaking everywhere. When a blocked downpipe is left clogged for long periods of time, especially during winter the downpipes will rust out very quickly and need replacing.

How To Clear Blocked Downpipes

Contact professional gutter cleaners that will unblock your downpipe in no time. Why not check out our videos that show how to unblock your downpipes effectively using a garden hose or another tool for unblocking downpipes. Gutter Guys Adelaide have found all sorts of items inside down-pipes causing blockages and overflowing gutters. So if you are still wondering how to clean downpipes, then give us a call or fill out the contact form to your right that says “get Quote” for a fast response from one of our professional gutter cleaners.

Drain Jetter blocked downpipes

Downpipe Clearing Attachment

The majority of blocked up downpipes is usually a result of very poor maintenance and being surrounded by large Gum trees or building sites. So why not get all your roofing maintenance taken care of by expert gutter cleaners that have been looking after commercial and residential premises in Adelaide, South Australia for over 10 years. Whether you have box gutter downpipes or standard residential style downpipes, then contact us for the best downpipe unblocking service that have the best downpipe cleaning & gutter cleaning prices in Adelaide and we will not be beaten on prices when it comes to unblocking downpipes.

Another way to clear out a blocked downpipe is to use chemicals that will break down the mud and rubbish that is causing the blockage in the downpipe. When using caustic chemicals to unblock downpipes make sure that toxic chemicals used to unblock downpipes do not get into the storm water drains causing pollution. Use a mild blockage clearing chemical such as “Draino” or a commercial grade cleaning acid for those downpipe blockages in commercial downpipes and guttering.

Replacing Blocked Up Downpipes

If the downpipe is badly blocked up that none of the above methods work, then simply remove the downpipe itself and replace it. Most residential downpipe blockages can be cleared easily using the above methods, so do not give up to early. Plastic PVC downpipe replacement is relatively easy to do and can be completed in about 2-3 hours. The two types of materials that are mainly used when manufacturing downpipes are metal and PVC plastic. Depending on the location of the downpipe and the general application will usually dictate the type of downpipe replacement needed on residential guttering in Adelaide, South Australia.

When deciding what kind of downpipe to get installed always consider installing the plastic rust proof PVC down-pipe’s that are color matched with the existing downpipe or guttering system. If the downpipe is located in a high traffic area with children and pets, then installing a metal downpipe is likely the better option. PVC downpipes may be rust proof but they are not kid or pet proof and are damaged easier compared with a metal downpipe replacement. Commercial downpipe replacements should always be made out of metal in a high traffic area such as a warehouse or factory that have forklifts operating in the vicinity of the downpipe replacement.