Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide

Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide

Need your solar panels cleaned? Tired of solar panel cleaners that never arrive? Need a cost effective solution to keeping your solar panels maintained and getting the most our of your solar electricity investment this summer? We have the best solar panel cleaning prices in Adelaide, South Australia. Get a quality solar panel cleaning service today and get your skylights cleaned for free. Do not just let anyone on your roof to clean solar panels, ensure they have insurance and other working at heights training that is required when working on roofing, especially when cleaning solar panels. Take a look at our solar panel cleaning prices and you will find we are simply the best solar panel cleaning service and have the very best solar panel cleaning prices.

Single Story Home Per Solar Panel Cleaned – $7.50 each solar panel cleaned

Double Story Home Per Solar Panel Cleaned – $10.00 each solar panel cleaned

When it comes to getting your solar panels cleaned, its important to ring around and find the best prices and customer service. In Adelaide, South Australia there is countless different little companies advertising solar panel cleaning services. When it comes to electrical solar panels, its important to ensure that you use trained professionals that know what they are doing when they clean and service your solar power system. Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide, only use no abrasive and environmentally friendly chemicals to clean solar panels.

We provide a estimated pricing service that will give you a good idea about the cost of getting solar panels cleaned by professionals. When it comes to the legal side of working at heights, only trained & competent persons should conduct height work that could result in a fall or injury. The prices below include public liability insurance which covers any damage that may occur and all government fee’s and tax’s. If you have a large commercial site or school that needs solar panel cleaning, please contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Contact us today for a free quote. We clean solar panels every day all day. So if you want professionals to come and clean your solar panels, then ask us about our free roof inspection service. Got pigeons or other pests nesting underneath your solar panels, then contact us for a great solar pane pigeon pest removal idea. Whether you have only 5-10 solar panels on your residential roofing or 100 solar panels on a large commercial site, then we are the solar panel cleaning company for you. Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide provide all commercial sites with a working at Heights JSA and public liability insurances. So why not meet us and ask us about our roofing inspection services when you get your solar panels cleaned with Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide. Please locate our contact form at the bottom of this page. If you include an address and further details we can respond to you faster.

In the picture to the left with the dirty solar panels and the efficient clean ones producing 100% are still hindered and restricted from producing the maximum amount of electricity because the dirty solar panels reduce the current draw through the panels to your electricity meter. So even if all your panels are clean and only one has built up grime and bird dropping on the panel, then the entire solar system will be greatly effected and the entire solar panel efficiency is reduced by about 30% due to one dirty solar panel. We also provide a free skylight or solar hot water panel clean with all of our solar panel cleaning services.

Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide is a family owned business in South Australia. We have been professionally cleaning solar panels in Adelaide, South Australia for over 5 years. Our solar panel cleaners take pride in all their work and will leave your solar panels streak free and looking like new again. All our solar panel cleaners are trained to work at heights and carry all the necessary equipment to climb around on roofs safely and with fall arrest systems.

Are your solar panels loosing the efficiency they once had? Did you know that solar panels need to be regularly cleaned to ensure maximum performance and electrical output. So all that grime, bird droppings and dirt that is covering your solar panels, is causing you to lose money. Why pay so much for the initial solar electricity investment if the solar panels are not maintained and not producing maximum electrical output.

So why not get a professional solar panel cleaning service at your home today. We are fast, reliable and won’t be beaten on price. How much you may ask to clean the solar panels on the roof? Standard single story homes start at $7 per panel and $10 per solar panel on two story homes. At these prices why take the risk and clean the solar panels yourself? Get maximum efficiency out of your solar panels today!

Why risk falling off the ladder cleaning solar panels yourself? Get the experts in to clean the solar panels and relax knowing that your electricity is coming free from the sun. To ensure that your solar panel system is as effective as the first day it was installed, general maintenance is required. Regularly clean your solar panels and make sure you get qualified electrician every few years to take a quick look to make sure your solar panels are in excellent condition and do not need any repairs.

When it comes to looking for a quality solar panel cleaner in Adelaide, we have the best solar panel cleaners in the business. Highly trained and with exceptional solar panel cleaning equipment, Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide can take care of all your solar maintenance and cleaning needs. We service all areas of Adelaide South Australia and would be happy to give you a free solar panel cleaning quote.

Adelaide Solar Panel Cleaning

How long does it take to clean my solar panels?

This really depends on how many solar panels that need to be cleaned. We usually take about an hour for average solar panel system installation on standard single residential premises. If you have a very large house or commercial premises that needs solar panel cleaning, then it can take between four to eight hours to complete the job properly the first time. Do not trust every Adelaide Solar Panel Cleaning company in South Australia.

Are the solar panel cleaning chemicals dangerous?

No, we use environment friendly chemicals when it comes to cleaning solar panels. Adelaide Solar Panel Cleaning industry is filled with backyard or poorly trained solar panel cleaners that use various chemicals they have no idea about. Try and use companies that specialize in solar panels and not various maintenance and gardening services that cover a wide range of outdoor maintenance service.

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