Gutter Cleaning Service FAQ

Do I need to include my address in the contact form?

Yes all gutter cleaning and gutter repair services require an email address as well as the site address, so we can give you a quote by email as soon as possible. Providing an address with the details of the specific guttering services you require will help us get back to you with a written quote as soon as possible. If you require emergency gutter cleaning or have blocked downpipes causing water to over flow. We can work in the rain to prevent any further damage when you request emergency gutter cleaning services.

What is the usual waiting period to get gutters cleaned?

Usually we have a pretty fast turn around of jobs, so we can usually fit most residential gutter cleaning jobs within 7 days. We also can provide an emergency gutter cleaning service if required, when requested. Gutter Cleaning Adelaide can take a bit longer to start, complete and then ensure that the sealant isn’t leaking.

How long does it take to clean my gutters?

Really depends on the size of the home, sometimes if the gutters are really full and its a large home, then it can take up to 4-6 hours to clean the gutters and unblock the downpipes. On smaller residential homes it can take anywhere between 1-2 hours to make sure all the gutters are cleaned properly by our professional gutter cleaners.

The time it takes to clean your gutters also depends on whether it is a single story or double story home. Another factor that can dramatically change how long it takes to clean the gutters is whether you have gutter guards installed. Cleaning gutters with gutter guards on them usually can take 4-8 hours depending how large the home is.

How to unblock Downpipes?

There are several ways to to unblock and clear blocked downpipes. One ways is with a garden hose turned on and pushed forcefully up and down into the blocked downpipe. The other way to clean a blocked downpipe is to use a high pressure washer to pressure blast your downpipes clear.

How often do I need to clean my gutters?

When deciding how often you should get your gutters clean. There is a few other questions we need to ask you first. Questions like when was the last time the gutters were cleaned? The frequency of gutter cleaning also depends on how many large trees you have and how close they are to the premises and guttering. Usually if you have a gum tree close by, its about once ever twelve months. If you have several large trees close to your home, then every six months is recommended and just before winter the downpipes checked you make sure they are not blocked.