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How To Clean Gutters & Roofs

Are you paying too much for a gutter cleaning services in Adelaide, SA? Don’t want to have roof and gutter contractors accessing your residential premises all the time?

Can’t find a decent gutter cleaning company that can clean gutters on your residential home? Then why not clean the gutters yourself?

Cleaning the gutters is reasonably an easy maintenance task that almost anyone can do on their own properties.

Blocked gutters and downpipes are the most common causes of roof leaks in most homes around Adelaide, South Australia.

Getting a guttering company to clean the rain gutters every 3 months can get quite expensive over time.

To avoid paying a gutter cleaning company, most people will clean the roof and guttering on residential properties themselves.

If you do not mind working on roofs and getting dirty, then maybe try cleaning the gutters yourself this year?

As long as the guttering and down pipes are checked & maintained every 3-6 months, then there shouldn’t be any concern for water and roof leaks this winter.

gutterguys adelaideCommon Gutter Cleaning Tools

The first step when cleaning gutters is to get the right tools and equipment. Getting a bucket is also important and a heshan bag to empty the bucket into.

A quality ladder that will not break, so the old broken ladder in the shed is no good for gutter cleaning is required to safety access the roof, downpipes and gutters around the home.

Large heshan bags are a great way to empty the buckets on the roof instead of always climbing up and down with buckets filled.

The buckets will be heavy and climbing from the roof onto the ladder will be dangerous with heavy buckets.

The heshan bag can be filled up with about 5-7 buckets worth of leaves and mud. Simply fill up the bucket with the leaves and tree debris from the gutters and once the bucket is full, empty it into the garden bag left on the roof.

This method eliminates unnecessary traveling up and down the ladders to empty the buckets.

Then once the heshan bag has been filled, it can be thrown over the edge. Make sure when dropping a heavy heshan bag onto the ground from the roof that no one is located below.

Some other tools used to clean gutters but not necessary is a petrol leaf blower to clean up any mess below and also to blow out the last bits of dirt, water and other fine debris left in the guttering after cleaning them by hand.

There are many other gutter cleaning tools available but most of them are ineffective and a waste of money. Keeping the gutter cleaning tools simple is the most effective way to clean the gutters on residential properties. Are you thinking of getting some novelty gutter cleaning tools? Often novelty gutter cleaning tools are not the best tools to clean the gutters with and are a waste of money.

When the above gutter cleaning tools have been collected and prepared to clean the rain gutters, you can start to clean the gutters and unblock and blocked downpipes which are usually located at the corners and sides of the house gutters.

When unblocking downpipes a garden hose is very effective to flush out the gutters down pipes.

If the downpipes are connected to a rainwater tank, simply disconnect the downpipes at the end closest to the rainwater tank to prevent any tap water and mud getting into the rainwater tanks.

adelaide gutter cleanersKeeping Roofs & Gutters Clean

After spending all that time making sure the gutters around your home are clean and the blocked downpipes have been clean.

Its time to consider some sort of regular gutter cleaning schedule, a company to stay on top of the gutter cleaning or a gutter protection system installed on the guttering.

Do some research and think about the best solution to try and keep gutters clean all the time and prevent costly water damage to your home.

Checking the guttering and roofing every 3 months and before rain forecasts is an excellent idea to get an accurate idea of the amount of debris collecting up in the rain gutters.

Installing a gutter protection system is often a good solution if the correct gutter guard gets installed. Try to avoid flimsy gutter mesh and plastic types of gutter guards.

Plastic gutter guards and gutter mesh are not so effective when stopping leaves getting into the gutters around Adelaide, South Australia.

When it comes to large gum tree’s plastic gutter guards will be an ineffective gutter protection on the guttering around your residential home.

Gutter Protection Systems

A great way to keep the gutters clean is to install an effective gutter guard system. Not all gutter protection systems are designed equally or with Adelaide, South Australian weather and tree debris in mind.

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