Cause of Roof Leaks | The Roof Doctor

Got Blocked Downpipes

Over the years Gutter Guys have located and repaired countless roof leaks around Adelaide, South Australia. The main problem that causes a roof to leak is blocked gutters or down-pipes. Almost every time our guttering service is called out onto site for a leaking roof, the problem was poorly maintained guttering and down-pipes. We are always happy to show our customers how to unblock downpipes.

The next major cause of a roof leak is usually located at places like the skylights or other fixtures that are attached onto or around the roofing. Most of the time its just some deteriorated silicone which is easy to fix or a tree branch has fallen and cracked a roofing tile.

If you notice water marks or leaks on your ceiling from inside, you should get it checked as soon as possible. It is important that water leaks and other general roofing maintenance is conducted on a regular basis.

We provide a fast and reliable roofing inspection service and its a great idea if you want professionals to find your roof leak before more water damage occurs. We don’t charge extra to repair minor roof leaks once we locate them.

If you are handy with the tools, then repairing minor roof leaks is pretty straight forward. As mentioned previously the guttering and down-pipes should be inspected first.

Once the gutters have been checked and cleaned, then a silicone gun will be sufficient to seal up any cracks around skylights and chimneys. You can even use silicone to repair cracked tiles if you cannot find any spare tiles to replace the broken tiles.

Did you know that you need to keep your gutters clean and maintained during summer as well as winter? During Adelaide’s hot summers, there are rare heavy showers of rain, especially in the Adelaide Hills area. All it takes is one blocked down-pipe and and the water is backing up onto your ceiling and eventually causing extensive water damage.

Did you know our gutter cleaning service operated 24/7, that means if you have an emergency regarding your gutters or a leaking roof, we can come out almost within 2hrs to clean and repair any roof leaks. We also unblock indoor house drains and other outdoor storm-water drains. Contact us today for a fast and reliable gutter cleaning service.

Why risk an accident, why waste your time cleaning your gutters yourself? Simply give us a call and we can give you a gutter cleaning quote almost straight away for single story properties. Why not get professional gutter cleaners to do your dirty work for you?