How To Unblock Downpipes

Clearing Out A Blocked Downpipe

At Gutter Guys Adelaide, we get a lot of call outs just because of a blocked downpipe. Our guttering and property maintenance company honestly does not mind unblocking a downpipe, a lot easier than cleaning all the guttering or replacing it. We just wanted to take the time to show you guys how you can unblock downpipes effectively and professionally using a simple garden hose. The first thing you need to do is make sure the rest of your gutters are free from leaves and other debris. This helps the gutters not too get blocked again in a few months time.

Secondly you need to get a ladder and take a good look at your downpipe. Tap the pipe from about halfway up until you hear where it is blocked. Usually if you have maintained your gutters over the past few years they should just be blocked at the top around the bend. Make sure the hose is securely in the down-pipe before you do the next step or your hose might come out and cause you some problems.

Third get your garden hose and remove the fitting so that you have just your hosing on one end. Start to push the hose into the downpipe so it goes in about 20 or 30 cm. Get back down or get someone to help you and turn on  the tap. You should start to hear the water flowing into your downpipe.

If you still have a blocked downpipe at this stage start to move the garden hose up and down in the down-pipe entrance as hard as possible with the water on to help clear the remaining debris. This usually will unblock the downpipe and let the water from the garden hose clear out the rest of the dirt left in the gutters.

If you still have a blocked downpipe, and still cant figure out how to clear downpipes and gutters then you can either call us and we can come and do it for you or you can start to pull apart your down-pipe from the top end. This may seem daunting at first but it easily slips off once you drill out the small pop-rivets holding it in place. Once you remove the down-pipe from the guttering system at the top you can more freely push the hose further into the pipe until you free up the blockage.

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Remember to always work in a safe environment and do not do anything that may risk or endanger your body. Make sure you only climb on dry roofs and not when it is raining due to the higher risk of slipping off the roof because of the  wet surface. If you like our helpful tips please follow our links and like us on Facebook to help promote our business.

Recently at a local commercial warehouse with about 50 downpipes and large box gutters started to leak everywhere inside on all the workers and customers. We got called out and unblocked the downpipes with downpipes and drains with our downpipe unblocking tools. The rain was pouring but we still kept going and made sure the guttering and downpipes were no longer clogged up with various blockages. We also all  learnt really quickly how to clear downpipes that wet winters day.

The sound that the water made as it poured down the unblocked downpipes was so loud everyone inside the warehouse could hear the water gushing through the downpipe to the stormwater drains. So before it rains next, why not get us in do clean the gutters and make sure all the roofing maintenance is taken care of. So why not get the professional gutter cleaners if you have a blocked downpipe in Adelaide, South Australia.