Are Roof Leaks Common?

Have you suffered water damage on your home internally or externally? Trying to find the roof leak that no one seems to be able to find? Is there mold forming on the surface of your ceiling and in your roofing space that could be harmful?

Every year during the winter rains we repair and rectify roof leaks and other problems with roofing and guttering on residential and commercial premises in Adelaide’s suburbs and country areas. Is the roof leaking on your property? Is it easy to locate or is it a hidden leak that isn’t easy to find?

Some of the most common reasons why roof leaks and water damage occur are the direct result of poor roofing maintenance such as keeping the gutters cleaned. Regular gutter cleaning is by far the best way to prevent mold build up and water leaks.

Roof leaks and water leaks are quite common when it comes to older homes and properties that have poor maintenance conducted each year. You can often tell if water is getting into the roofing space if there are black, white or green stains on the ceiling or roofing sheets.

Roof Leak’s & Locating Them

Here are several tips when trying to find roof leaks around the home:

  1. Find where all the gutter and roofing sealant has been applied around the roofing and gutters. These section are very common areas for roof leaks. The silicon and roofing sealant that is generally used has a lifespan of a few years. In South Australia the weather is harsh during the winter and summer months which causes the silicon to break down or peel away from the joins on the roofs and guttering
  2. Inspect the roofing and guttering for rust and any other object that may have caused a hole in the gutters or on the roof. Quite often gum tree’s drop large heavy branches which can crack tiles and puncture metal roofing sheets.
  3. Locate all the additional fixtures that have been added to the roofing such as air vents, air-conditioners and roofing vents. The flashing around these fixtures have usually been sealed with silicone and are prone to movement causing cracking and general wear and tear to the sealants.
  4. One of the most common causes of roof leaks are blocked up gutters and down-pipes, so make sure that they have been cleaned properly, including the roofing valleys running up the roofing corners.