Got A Blocked Downpipe?

Got A Blocked Downpipe?

When it rains in Adelaide, we literally get hundreds of calls to come and unblock downpipes all over the SA suburbs as well as the Adelaide Hills areas. According to the Bureau of meteorology, Metropolitan Adelaide gets the most rain in June and July with the following months steadily raining. Usually the heavy rains stops around November and December as the summer season starts to come full circle.

When it comes to Adelaide’s summers you never know what to expect. There is often at least 3-4 separate weeks during summer where the rain just starts pouring on South Australia’s sun dried and cracking land. This is when we get hundreds of calls for blocked downpipes and gutters. Often people forget about the heavy rains that South Australia gets during the hot summer seasons. I have seen countless water damaged ceilings because of the guttering and several blocked downpipes.

Its not just the random heavy summer rains that require gutters and roofing to be maintained regularly. If you live in the Adelaide Hills regions and the Barossa Valley, then bush fires are also a very important reason to keep the roofing and guttering free from dry leaves and sticks. Often people just prepare for the fire danger season by maintaining the gardens and surrounding property. This is great and effective bush fire readiness, however the roofing and guttering are all too often filled with dry gum leaves and sticks.

So when it comes to roofing and gutter maintenance, there is more to take care of then just water damage and blocked downpipes. A fire hazard on residential roofing is most likely the more important home maintenance. At Gutter Guys Adelaide, we can replace and install new downpipes if they have rusted out or are leaking everywhere. When a downpipe is left blocked for long periods of time, especially during winter it will rust out very quickly and need replacing.

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